Safety is our top priority.

April 5, 2021

To Our Valued Guests,

We would like to thank you for spending your winter season with us and keeping it safe by following our Covid-19 Responsibility Code. After 97 operating days we are now closed for skiing and snowboarding. The 2020/2021 winter sports season welcomed many new faces to Mount Southington, and we look forward to greeting you all again next winter. We have many improvements and projects planned this offseason to enhance our facility and your winter experience. Stay tuned to our social media to follow along throughout the year.

Just because the snow is gone, the fun doesn’t have to end! For parents looking for a unique summer camp experience for your child, FAST Summer Camp will be returning for another year of fun, friendships, and excitement! For 2021, they’ve added a challenging new obstacle and low ropes course to help build both strength and confidence in your child. Fast Summer Camp will be following the most recent Connecticut summer camp Covid-19 guidelines.

But wait, that’s not all that happens here when the snow melts! New for 2021, Mount Southington has partnered with WAKA, an adult sports league, to offer multiple nights of social sand volleyball and cornhole beginning in early May. Our patio bar and food will be open for those nights and will be following the most recent Connecticut restaurant and bar Covid-19 guidelines.

Let’s not forget about weddings and other unique events! The Mountain Room is available for rental throughout the spring, summer and fall. In addition, we host several special events including comedy shows and the Crazy Brew Bash. These events will all follow the most recent Connecticut event and gathering Covid-19 guidelines. Look for these events on our website’s calendar page throughout the year.

Once again, a sincere thank you to each of our winter guests for visiting us and helping keep the mountain safe this year. We look forward to welcoming you all back next year! We wish you and your family a safe and healthy year ahead.

Best Regards,

Jay Dougherty

General Manager

COVID-19 Responsibility Code

  • Keep Your Distance. Maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from others when possible. Please do not congregate.
  • Cover Your Face. Wear a face covering to protect yourself and others.
  • Wash and Sanitize. Wash and sanitize your hands routinely.
  • Hands to yourself. Avoid handshaking, high-fiving or other unnecessary physical contact.
  • Feeling sick? Stay home. Be responsible and respect others. If you feel unwell or are experiencing a fever, cough, muscle aches and pains, sore throat, shortness of breath, or sudden changes in taste or smell, please stay home.
  • Stop the spread. Sneeze and cough into a tissue, cloth, elbow, or sleeve, not into your hands.

Click here to read more about the CT Ski Area Association's Covid-19 response, or here to read the National Ski Areas Association's guidelines.

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