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Sat, Mar 28 2015

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9 am to 10 pm

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Snow Type:

Machine Groomed Snow

Organizing a Ski Club

Select one or two members of your group to be the Group Coordinator(s). This person(s) will be the contact when communicating with us and the group participants throughout the season.

The Responsibilities of the Group Coordinator(s):

  1. Schedule the group's ski days (must have 15 or more participants) and fax, email or mail in the Group Information Form to the Mount Southington Group Coordinator. If your Group needs to cancel a trip, the Group Coordinator must call Mount Southington ASAP so that we can adjust our staff accordingly and reschedule your group.
  2. Upon receipt of the Group Information Form and acceptance of your ski dates we will mail the following forms:
    • Registration Forms to be distributed to each participant. These should be carefully read and filled out completely and signed by a parent/guardian or they will be returned. This will hold up your group's tickets.
    • Rental Cards to be distributed to all participants renting ski or snow board equipment (photocopies will not be accepted). All rental cards must be filled out completely and signed by a parent/guardian or they will be returned. This will hold up your group's tickets.
    • Tally Sheet to be completed and returned with registration forms, rental cards and payment to Mount Southington, by November 17th. A $25 per person Late Registration Fee will be assessed for any registration forms submitted after November 17th.
    • Coordinator Worksheet for your personal use, to assist in filling out the Tally Sheet. Although it is not necessary, feel free to send a copy to us along with your completed Tally Sheet.
    • Ski Patrol Group Emergency Contact Information Sheet to be filled out and returned.
  3. Following receipt of all the completed documents, your tickets will be printed and ready for pick-up starting December 12th, with the exception of the late registrations. Please be sure to call to verify that your tickets are ready prior to coming to the ski area.
  4. Each member will receive one dated ticket per ski day. We suggest you hand out the tickets each day your group skis AFTER CONFIRMING the ski day will take place. Note: once tickets are attached to coats they will be valid for that day only.
  5. One Chaperone ticket will be issued for every 15 pre-paid participants to be used by an Adult Chaperone only. These tickets are only good for the day printed on the ticket unless the group is rescheduled. These tickets have no trade-in or cash value.

Phone numbers:

Ph:  860-628-0954
Fax: 860-621-1833

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