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Coordinator Checklist

Ο Email, fax, or mail the GROUP INFORMATION FORM to Mount Southington. Once dates are confirmed we will mail out materials.  When you receive these materials proceed to the next step. 

Ο Distribute the REGISTRATION FORMS/WAIVERS to all participants.  Please make sure all registration forms are filled out with one package type selected for each participant for the entire groups’ trips and that they are signed by the user and a parent/guardian.  Groups that use their own registration forms will be provided with Mt. Southington Waivers to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the ski area. Collect the appropriate amount of money per participant.

Ο Distribute the RENTAL CARDS to those renting equipment. Ski rental cards are white and snowboard rental cards are green. Please make sure the appropriate card is filled out completely, and signed by the user and a parent/guardian If you run out of cards do not substitute - we will send you additional cards.  Important: Please number each card beginning with the number 1. To expedite the rental process, each participant should know their assigned rental card number.

Ο As Registration Forms are returned, fill out the COORDINATOR WORKSHEET to keep track of participants and to assist you when filling out the Ticket Tally Sheet.  

Ο When all registration forms have been returned, fill out the TICKET TALLY SHEET.  There are two Ticket Tally Sheets included in the packet of materials you will receive. The first Ticket Tally Sheet is for the November 17th deadline (if more time in needed just ask).  The Late-Registration Ticket Tally Sheet is for members who register after the initial Ticket Tally Sheet has been submitted to Mount Southington. There is an additional $25 charge for each late registrant. Please encourage all participants to sign up in a timely fashion so they avoid this $25 late fee.

Ο Submit all registration forms/waivers, rental cards, Tally Sheet, Ski Patrol Form and Payment to Mount Southington.  We accept cash and checks made payable to Mount Southington Ski Area. Credit card payment is also available online if you choose to allow your group participants to use this form of payment. 


Your packet will be reviewed upon receipt and will be accepted once all forms are filled out appropriately and a Ticket Tally Sheet is completed.

Tickets are available for pick-up starting December 12th.   Please call to verify that your tickets are ready prior to coming to the ski area.